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Cryostat Tissue-Tek’s Cryo3 Sakura

Location: CC-2301 MCN

Reservations required in  VU iLab website


The Sakura Cryostat has a unique rake which can be used instead of a glass anti-roll plate. This rake performs perfectly when the specimens are mounted in a certain way. Training is free and is suggested to ensure that your specimens get mounted correctly and you are able to use the rake effectively. Although the idea of learning a new way to cryosection would be a “no go” in some people’s minds, the individuals who have embraced this new method actually get better and more consistent sections. No longer do you have to contend with wasted sections folding under the glass.

If you want to use a glass anti-roll plate, you are required to purchase one of these from the company. It is a “non-file” item number 0000707-06. Do not let them sell you the more expensive anti-roll plate which contains the metal arm which holds the glass. It is not necessary.

The CDB Equipment Core retains five 25 mm and five 38 mm round specimen holders. These can be signed out from the U3202 equipment room for use. However, the holders must be cleaned and returned to the equipment room after you finish sectioning. If your lab would like the convenience of having your own holders, ordering information is below.



Consumables you will need are on page #4 of the manufacturer’s brochure Cryo-3-Plus-Brochure.pdf . These items can be purchased directly from VWR. The catalogue numbers and VU discount pricing (as of October 2013) are:

Tissue-Tek® Cryomold® Methods:

#4728 Standard round mold (VWR Cat# 89199-518) – case of 1200
#4730 Biopsy round mold (VWR Cat# 89199-520) – case of 1200

#4566 Intermediate square mold 15 mm x 15 mm (VWR Cat# 25608-924) – pack of 100 or case of 1200
#4730 Standard rectangle mold 25 mm x 20 mm (VWR Cat# 25608-916) – pack of 100 or case of 1200

*Note: The largest rectangular cryomold may work best with the rake. This is due to the way the tissue needs to be mounted for optimal sectioning. If you are unsure of the size, purchase a pack of 100 molds to get you started.

Round Specimen Holders:

#5807 25 mm (VWR Cat# 89199-522) – six holders
#5808 38 mm (VWR Cat# 89199-524) – six holders
#5809 55 mm (VWR Cat# 89199-526) – six holders

Tissue-Tek® O.C.T. Compound:

#4583 (VWR Cat# 25608-930) – 4 oz bottle

Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge®
Disposable Blades:

#4685 High-Profile (VWR Cat# 25608-961) – pack of 50
#4689 Low-Profile (VWR Cat# 25608-964) – pack of 50


Sakura Cryostats Specs

Consistent, accurate sectioning

  • From 1 to 99 µm
  • Stable ±10°C (Z) and 360°C (Y) specimen orientation
  • Anti-roll rake for easy specimen transfer to slides
  • Hand-powered arm for cutting samples
  • Blade holder accommodates Accu-Edge® high- and low-profile disposable blades

12 configurable Cryobar® positions

  • Cryomold® method and direct method can be used simultaneously
  • Cryo+® area cools to -50°C in as little as 5 minutes
  • Standard heat extractor reduces freezing time

Customizable software

  • Easy setup menu
  • Easily customized parameters to operator and/or specimen type


Information reprinted from the Manufacturer’s Link.