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Cryogenic Storage

Location: U3100 MRB3

Taylor-Wharton 24K CrytoStorage System

Use of the cryostorage tank is subject to availability.

  • Large towers hold up to 13 5×5 boxes
  • Small towers hold up to 13 3×3 boxes

The tank is set up to have a maximum volume of 6 inches from the bottom of the tank and a minimum volume of 3 inches from the bottom of the tank. The temperature reading on the console is measured at 23 inches above the bottom of the tank. Liquid nitrogen is −196 °C and tank temp usually measures around −130 °C, so tank temperature is a gradient of temperatures between these two points depending on the height of the stored sample. The bottom box of a tower will be submerged in liquid nitrogen at all times, while the second slot from the bottom will experience the rise and fall of the liquid level. All other tower slots are vapor stored.

Because spills into the liquid nitrogen are nearly inevitable, It is recommend preparing all samples for liquid immersion.

Cardboard storage boxes of all types are prohibited.

Cardboard tends to become brittle and breaks with repeated freeze thaw cycles.

Link to Taylor-Wharton CryoStorage Manual