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Incubator Shakers

Locations: B-2318 MCN, 3100B MRB3, 3100F MRB3, and 4100F MRB3

The Innova 4430, CE20 in the 3100B corridor and the New Brunswick G-25, CE24 in B-2318 MCN will ALWAYS be maintained at 37oC and are available for starter cultures on a 1st come, 1st served basis.

Never adjust the temperature on these units!

All Other Incubator Shakers are Required to Use the Reservation Calendar Available Online Through VU iLab website

For operating instructions, click the links below:

Innova 4430

Innova 43

*Note: Although the CDB Equipment Resource strives to promote a collaborative environment for the entire Vanderbilt community of researchers, we reserve the right to restrict usage of these instruments to CDB labs if availability becomes an issue.

Also, more than one person can be in a shaker sometimes. If you see a reservation for a shaker near your lab and you would like to use it as well, hover over the reservation and see who will be in it. You can send a quick email, call, or drop by their lab to ask if space will be available for you. A little communication can go a long way towards making these instruments accessible for everyone.

Shaker Guidelines

  • Make sure the shaker begins shaking before you walk away.
  • Do not change the temperature or speed if there are samples from another lab in the shaker. They likely need the shaker at the temperature it was set on when you arrived.
  • If you want to use a shaker, go to VU-CORES and make a reservation. If someone has a reservation and you are in it when they arrive, they can remove your samples.
  • Use the clamps provided to properly fit flasks. Do not use paper towels or detritus to secure flasks.
  • Really, make sure the shaker is moving before you leave. And also, check your temperature.
  • Try arranging flasks on the shaking platform so that they are symmetrical about the center. This practice reduces wear and tear on the shaker.

DO NOT use Styrofoam or paper towels in the shaker! It is a significant fire risk according to the repair technician. There are MANY extra clamps and racks in the equipment rooms if you do not see the proper size already installed in the unit.