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Usage Rates

Services in the iLab Chargeback System


The CDB Equipment Shared Resource Core charges fees for some services which are available to the entire Vanderbilt community. Everyone pays the same amount which is in line with NIH grant guidelines

All charges are designed to be revenue-neutral or are priced lower than cost and consequently subsidized by the Department of Cell & Developmental Biology. If you need to have a VU Billing Number added to VU iLabs, please contact your administrator.

For help getting your VUMC Billing Number updated in the VU iLab system, please contact your administrator.


To use our equipment the PI must supply a current & valid billing number for chargeback purposes. The end-user is responsible for accurately recording their use and reporting the fees they are being charged to their PI. If no billing number is left, the Equipment and Resource Manager will try to contact the PI for clarification and review the expectations of their end users documenting billing numbers. It is appropriate and part of NIH funding guidelines that all charges are billed to the corresponding grant on which the end user is working. If there is no response, a primary R01 will be billed.


Training is free and encouraged for all instruments. Ultracentrifuge training is mandatory regardless of previous experience and must come from the Equipment and Resource Manager.




If you have any questions about these expectations, please contact the Equipment Resource Manager by email or call 615-343-6863.