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Dry Ice

Location: U3202 MRB3

Card Access Required

Dry Ice is kept in a gray chest cooler next to the entrance.

Shipments arrive every Monday and Thursday. Extra blocks can be delivered for your lab, if needed.

  • Dry Ice usage must be recorded on the log sheet in full at the time of withdrawal.
    This includes current PI, User Name and Current  VU iLab website billing number.
  • Please use the scale next to the chest to weigh the amount you take.
  • Usage will be billed “as recorded” regardless of it being returned later.
    *There is a minimum sale of one pound each time you withdraw Dry Ice.*

CDB has extra rolling ice chest available for transporting samples during freezer de-frostings.
Please notify the Equipment Manager if you wish to use a rolling ice chest.

Did you Know?
90% of Dry Ice sublimates in ice chests. This is why it is so costly to keep around the lab.