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Data Retention and Management Policy

Definition of Data

The original, primary research data and additional valuable derivatives stored by the core. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Scanned Images
  • Template Settings or Protocol Files
  • Spreadsheets
  • Any Data or Documents saved to Core Computers or Equipment

Minimum Operational Data Retention Period

The time frame immediately following collection of data necessary for processing and releasing results to the PI.

Core Manager Responsibilities

The Core Manager will be responsible for implementing and maintaining the subsequent policies. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Posting the policy on the core website.
  • Removing all existing out-of-date files from current core computers.
  • Inspecting the core computers on a quarterly basis and removing files past the Minimum Operational Data Retention Period.

Data Management SOP – CDB Equipment Resource CORE COMPUTERS

The CDB Equipment Resource does not provide data storage on any core computer. All Resource Users are encouraged to save all data files immediately to an external storage device.
The CDB Equipment Resource is not required to provide internet on core computers for the purpose of emailing data files.
Data files may be temporarily stored on a core computer. However, these files are not backed up and could be lost at any time.
Any files temporarily saved on a core computer must be saved in a folder called “Lab Folder”. There will be no individually named lab folders.
Any files temporarily saved on a core computer must be saved in the following format so that they can be easily identified for deletion: Date_PI_filename (e.g. 032014_Macara_Crb3-1).
Resource Users are prohibited from saving files with personal protected information, special encryption, or any other formats which might prevent them from being deleted.



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