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Backup Freezers

Locations: MRB3

CDB maintains backup freezers for emergency situations and for short-term freezer defrosts.
Anyone wishing to use these freezers must notify the Equipment and Resource Manager immediately.
A sign posting the following information is required on the outside of the freezer as long as you have stored contents:

  • Name of PI
  • Lab’s address
  • Lab’s telephone number
  • Name of emergency contact
  • Telephone number for emergency contact

Backup -80 Freezers are located in  3100E and 4100C

Backup -20 Freezers are located in 3149 and 4100D

*Note: Although the CDB Equipment Resource Core strives to facilitate a collaborative environment for the entire community of Vanderbilt researchers, our backup freezers are preferentially reserved for CDB Faculty with Primary appointments. There are instances where Joint CDB Faculty and Faculty outside of our department have used our freezers. However, it is the policy that if any non-Primary CDB Faculty is occupying any backup freezer and if there is a Primary CDB Faculty needing a backup freezer in an emergency situation, then the non-Primary CDB Faculty will need to remove their contents immediately and locate a new place to store their items.