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The CDB Equipment Resource is a Vanderbilt University research core facility. The Department of Cell and Developmental Biology maintains this large and diverse set of instruments located throughout MCN and MRB3. Unless noted, all of our equipment is available for anyone to use as we strive to provide a collaborative environment to all of Vanderbilt’s community of researchers.

On January 7th 2014, CDB and the Vanderbilt Brain Institute announced a partnership between their core facilities. The goal is to support continued access to shared equipment for VBI and CDB investigators and to provide for long-term planning of future resource availability. If you do not see the equipment you need on the following CDB webpages, please use the link at the bottom right and search the  VBI Equipment Resource website.

Being a shared resource, please be considerate and leave all equipment clean and in good working order for the next person. If any problems arise, notify the Equipment and Resource Manager. Please do not assume that someone has already reported the problem. This will ensure that all issues are addressed immediately and that there are no delays in equipment repairs. It is the goal of the CDB Equipment Resource to maintain all of its equipment to the highest of standards, ensuring excellent performance at all times.

Some items have a usage charge while others do not. Some items have reservation calendars on the VU iLab website while others are first come, first served. Almost all instruments, though, have a log sheet for users to log the work being done. For equipment with a fee attached, the Principal Investigator must supply their personnel with a current Project or Center number for billing. Individuals are required to include this on the tracking sheet along with other requested information.

For non-chargeable devices, tracking sheets provide us with data to understand the “who”, the “how”, and the “how much” so we know where we might need to expand or when we need to discontinue a service.

All of our equipment has a “CE” number or a Core Equipment number assigned to it. This makes identifying core equipment very easy as all of the instruments will have a bright yellow sticker with its number posted on it.

Please contact the Equipment and Resource Manager if you have any questions, problems, or would like training on any of the instruments.

We invite you to explore our website. It is our vision to have this site evolve over time and to be more interactive. If you have suggestions on updated resources, protocols or videos, please feel free to forward them to us. Thank you for visiting and considering us as a solution to your laboratory needs.

CDB Equipment Resource Policy

Anuj Rastogi (AJ)
Manager – Equipment and Resource
Cell and Developmental Biology,
Vanderbilt Brain Institute
U3205 Learned Labs/MRB3 Biosciences Building
615 343 6863