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Door Access Requests

How to Get Card Access to the CDB Equipment Resource Room or other card-locked CDB doors

To get access to the CDB Equipment Resource room or any other CDB card access doors, please email the Equipment Manager the following information:

  • Your full name (Last, First):
  • Your Department:
  • Your title (i.e., grad student, postdoc, RA, etc.):
  • Your VUNET ID:
  • Your telephone number:
  • Your lab’s room and building location (i.e., 3159 MRB3):
  • Your PI’s full name (Last, First):
  • Your PI’s telephone number:
  • List the door(s) to which you need to have access: U3202 MRB3 Equipment Room


All Door Access Requests will be forwarded to the Vanderbilt University Card Office.  Your card will typically be activated in the system within 1- 2 business days. If your card is not activated after 3 business days, please contact me.


AJ Rastogi
Equipment and Resource Manager
Cell & Developmental Biology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
U3202 MRB3 Biosciences Building