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RC-5B High Speed Centrifuge

Location: 4100B MRB3 Corridor
Free to Use
Reservation Calendar Available Online at VU iLab website

*Note: We have a 2nd floor model Superspeed centrifuge. The Sorvall RC-6 is located in 3100B MRB3.

We have two rotors which can be used in these centrifuges. They are located in the 4143 MRB3 coldroom. Please use the metal CDB Equipment Resource cart near the instrument to transport rotors to/from the coldroom in order to prevent any potential injuries.

SS-34 (This is an older version of the F21-5x50y Fiberlite rotor.)
*Note: CDB has an SLC-4000 rotor which is located in the 3143 MRB3 coldroom.
The most important thing to remember while using this model of centrifuge is to attach the lid to the rotor OUTSIDE of the centrifuge and then tighten the rotor to the drive shaft. Not doing this can lead to catastrophic failure.