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Expectations of Me

  • I work hard to support you as a student and an individual. My primary job is to keep the lab running, to allow you to perform the experiments you need to that is relevant to our lab goal while supporting your academic and professional growth. Additionally, I want to grow you as an individual through mentoring, development of IDPs, and guidance through research and other scholastic and/or personal pursuits.
  • It is very important to me that you feel scientifically motivated to work on your research problem. I should work to make sure this is true for you and ensure everybody in my lab is allowed the opportunity to study and learn things that interest them.
  • I will be your life-long mentor. I will work to foster in your skills that you can carry on for a career in academic or any other career choice. I support you in academic journeys after you have left my lab through letter of recommendations, reflecting what you have done in your lab, long after the lab. Throughout your time in my lab, I will seek opportunities for you that can grow you as an individual and better prepare you for your professional career. I will encourage you to join conferences or seminars that can maximize your time in my lab.
  • I will be available for regular meetings and informal conversations. I will strive to be open to you for open, honest, and helpful conversations when you need them. I will get to know you throughout your time on a personal level and want to facilitate an open-line of communication.
  • I will communicate with you openly about authorship. I will work with you, and everybody in the lab, to provide collaborative opportunities within and outside my lab in which everybody is benefitting and is happy with authorship.
  • I will teach you how to be your best self. While your primary goal is to complete research required, I will work to help you communicate this data in an organized, comprehensive, and understandable way that makes you stand out as an academic. To this end, I will teach you how to write and I will teach you how to give a good presentation. I will be honest with my joys and difficulties in my job, to help you better understand how to navigate and succeed in a career in academia.
  • I will advocate in favor of your needs whenever the chance arises.
  • I will be honest with you, and be clear when it comes to data ownership, authorship policies, and timelines. Our lab does many collaborations, but my largest goal is to avoid unnecessary conflict and find solutions that are mutually beneficial for everyone involved.
  • I will run supportive, equitable, accessible, inclusive, lab that encourages and is respectful of people from different backgrounds and walks of life.