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Research Reviews and Research Commentaries

Research Reviews & Perspectives

  1. Saleem, M., … Hinton, A., Arshad, S., Mwesigwa, N., Kirabo, A. Recent advances in understanding peripheral and gut immune cell-mediated salt-sensitive hypertension and nephropathy (In Press, Hypertension)
  2. Neikirk, A., … Hinton, A. BNIP3 as a New Tool to Promote Healthy Brain Aging (In Press, Aging Cell)
  3. Neikirk, K., Marshall, A., Townsend, S., Gaddy, J., Damo. S., Hinton, AJ. MitoTracker: A Useful Tool, but There is A Necessity to Move to Alternatives. (In Press, EJCB)
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  5. Haynes, A. P., Desta, S., Ahmad, T., Neikirk, K., Hinton, A., Bloodworth, N., & Kirabo, A. The anti-inflammatory effects of flavones in hypertensive disease (Biomedicine, in Press)
  6. Hinton, A., Marshall, A.M., Dissecting organelle inter-dependence (Nature Cell Biology, In Press).
  7. Neikirk, A., … Hinton, A. LTBP4 Across Aging as A Regulator of Mitochondrial Function in Acute Kidney Injury (Aging Cell, In Press)
  8. Neikirk, K., Lopez, E. G., Marshall, A. G., Alghanem, A., Krystofiak, E., Kula, B., … & Hinton Jr, A. O. (2023). Call to Action to Properly Utilize Electron Microscopy to Measure Organelles to Monitor Disease.European Journal of Cell Biology, 151365
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  21. Hinton, A., Jr, & Kirabo, A. (2023). α2δ-1 as a New Target for Immunosuppressant-Induced Hypertension. Circulation research133(7), 628–630.

Research Reviews Submitted/Direct Submission

  1. Beasley, H.K.*, Coelho, B.P., Lopes, M.H., Murray, S., Damo, S.A., Hinton, A.*, Mobley, B.C.* Mitochondria: overlooked instigators of glioblastoma aggression? (Submitted to Trends in Molecular Medicine)
  2. Marshall, A… Hinton, A. Update on the Use of Pulse Wave Velocity to Measure Age-related Vascular Changes. (In Revision, Current Hypertension Reports)
  3. Neikirk, K., … Hinton, A. Environmental Factors as Untapped Modulators of Mitochondrial Dynamics in the Aging Heart (In Revision, AJP Heart and Circulatory Physiology)
  4. Neikirk, K., … Hinton, A. Considerations for Developing Mitochondrial Transplantation Techniques for Individualized Medicine (Revisions, BioTechniques)
  5. Neikirk, K., … Hinton, A. Is Space the Next Frontier for Mitochondrial Study? (Revisions, BioTechniques)
  6. Cattivelli Murdoch, G., Beasley, H., Hinton, A., Masenga, S. K., & Kirabo, A. Estrogen mediates sex differences in blood pressure regulation and salt-sensitivity of blood pressure (In Revision, AJP Heart and Circulatory Physiology)
  7. Jenkins, B., Neikirk, K., Katti, P., McReynolds, M.*, Hinton, A.*. Mitochondria in disease: changes in shapes and dynamics (In Revision, Trends in Biochemical Sciences)
  8. Crabtree, A.C., Neikirk, K.N, … Hinton, A.*. The Roles of Mitochondria in Human Heart Failure and Implications for Treatment,. (Direct Submission to Circulation Research)
  9. Beasley, H.K., Vue, Z., Neikirk, K., Kinuthia, K., Marshall, A.G., Damo, S., Hinton, A. Insulin Stimulation Regulates Mitochondrial Morphology in Diabetes Across Ethnicities (In Revision, Frontiers in Endocrinology)
  10. Hinton A., … Kirabo, A. Immune Versus Renal Mechanisms of Salt-sensitive Hypertension (Invited Review Nature Nephrology)
  11. Afolabi, J., Laffer, C. L., Beasley, H., Hinton, A., Masenga, S. K., & Kirabo, A. Reflecting on current understanding of Salt-sensitivity of Blood Pressure: Historical and future perspectives. (Invited Perspective Circulation Research)