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Current Speaking Engagements

Upcoming Talks

  1. Stony Brook University, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, “Guiding Greatness: Effective Leadership through Mentorship and Training” (Jun 2024)
  2. 6th World Aging And Rejuvenation Conference, Virtual, “Mitochondrial Changes in the Aging Process” (Jul 2024)
  3. EMBOs Reports, Practical Course on volume Correlative Light Electron Microscopy, “vCLEM applications II” (Jul 2024)
  4. Microscopy and Microanalysis, “Lens On” Seminar Series Presentation DEI committee (Jul 2024)
  5. 2nd Annual Brazilian Scientific Journey on Mitochondrial Deregulation – “Mitochondrial metabolism across 3D reconstruction” (Aug 2024)
  6. FASEB science research conference, Nutrient Sensing and Signaling in Metabolism (Aug 2024)
  7. 23rd Annual Biomedical Research Symposium at Sanford Burnham Prebys, Keynote Research Speaker (Sep 2024)
  8. Puerto Rico Cancer Research Meeting, Keynote Speaker “Mitochondria Structure in Cancer Research” (Oct 2024)
  9. Targeting Mitochondria World Congress, Speaker in Germany, “Cracking the Code of Aging: Exploring Mitochondrial Dynamics and Organelle Connections” (Oct 2024)
  10. ABRCMS 2024, Pittsburgh (Nov 2024)
  11. Keystone Symposia, Mitochondrial Biology in Health and Diseases (Jan 2025)
  12. CZI COLUMLISglobe Initiative, South Africa Symposium, “Using CLEM for 3D reconstruction” (Jan 2025)
  13. University of Michigan, Mitochondrial Interest Group, Research Talk (Jan 2025)
  14. Fusion Conference, 3rd Mitochondria Conference (Feb 2025)
  15. Gordan Research Conference, Mitochondria Metabolism and Signaling GRC (Mar 2025)
  16. University of Washington Milt Gordon Lecture Biochemistry Department (May 2025)

Invited Special Interest Conferences and Workshops

  1. Zeiss ‘From 3D LM to 3D EM’ Symposium, Ghent, Belgium (Mar 2024)
  2. BlackinX, Black In Physiology Washington DC (Mar 2024)
  3. Ryan Initiative for Macular Research, 14th annual RIMR Conference (Apr 2024)
  4. Chan Zuckerberg Institution, SDL Leadership Conference (Apr 2024)
  5. Ford Fellows, Conference of Ford Fellows and Mentorship Program (Jun 2024)
  6. EMBOs Reports, Practical Course on volume Correlative Light Electron Microscopy (Jul 2024)
  7. National Science Foundation, National Synthesis Center for Emergence in the Molecular and Cellular Sciences Summit Meeting (Oct 2024)
  8. Cell Press, Cell Symposia, Multifaceted Mitochondria (Oct 2024)

Arrange a Speaking Engagement

Dr. Antentor Hinton Jr. has a dynamic history of speaking engagements for various levels, with topics including mentoring, mitochondria, dealing with COVID, and a variety of other topics related to his past experiences or research. Dr. Antentor Hinton can be contacted for speaking engagements by emailing: or