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DEI Media Coverage:

Various coverage or interviews involving Antentor Hinton Jr.

Nature Careers:

Radio (JAZZ WSNC 90.5 FM, www. – Future Focus Now: Depart to Serve: Two Rams strive to better the community.

Daily Iowan:

BWF Article:

NPR affiliate WHY/Pulse: brutality/

NPR affiliate WHY/Pulse:

NPR affiliate WHY/Pulse:


NIH National Mentoring Research Network Career and Professional Development Seminars:

Antentor Hinton Jr. Helped to run a multi-part seminar series for NIH about mentoring and career development, with a focus on the mentoring of underrepresented minorities.


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Black Queer Town Hall in STEM:

The Black Queer Town Hall highlight Black Queer Scientists across many fields with the overall goal to increase the recruitment and retention of Black Queer scientists and create a welcoming and inclusive environment for Black Queer scientists. Dr. Antentor Hinton Jr. served an advisory, speaking, and organizational role while also speaking to his experiences. This town hall was important to educate graduate students, Postdoctoral Fellows, faculty, and staff on what it means to be Transgender/Nonbinary as violence against Trans people (specifically Black Trans Women) are considered an epidemic by the NIH. The Town Hall sought to, importantly, spark an overdue and necessary conversation about the specific adversities faced with Black Queer and other Queer URM scientists.

Black Queer Town Hall in STEM: Mentor Article: Day 1:

YouTube Day 2:

YouTube Day 3: Day 4:

Mentor Spotlights:

The journey to becoming an impactful mentor: The story of Antentor Hinton

NIH NRMN Spotlight for Mentoring:

Community of Scholars Diversity Equity and Inclusion Efforts:

During 2020, Dr. Hinton Antentor decided to take a proactive stand against injustices by starting two organizations. The first is the community of scholars which was created with 3 other BWF PDEP Awardees, Drs. Brittany Taylor, Christina Termini, and Melanie McReynolds and 3 other individuals. The Community of Scholars is a group of Persons Excluded because of their Ethnicity or Race (PEER, please see: composed of postdoctoral fellows, early-stage investigators, instructors, and consultants with a common passion to advance scientific discovery while innovating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

The Community of Scholars are committed to developing and promoting professional scientists from all backgrounds, with a particular focus on those excluded based upon ethnicity/race, gender, LGBTQ status, ability/disability status, first-generation status, socioeconomic status and beyond. The Community of Scholars’ main aspirations are to bolster and increase diversity across all scientific fields, promote retention through the leaky academic pipeline, broaden academic and industrial awareness of diversity and inclusion, and finally to illustrate how to foster professional and career development of PEERs.

Currently, there are seven Full members who hold the title of Partner with equal voting, company holding, and intellectual properties. Full members work together to develop and implement initiatives with the underlying goal of making the scientific landscape inclusive to enable all members of the scientific community to thrive. During this past year, the organizations created four minority scientists post with Cell Press. Three post were Black scientist post attached,, , and and one post about Hispanic/LatinX scientists,

Besides these posts, we also wrote many DEI papers to help push for proactive change to DEI at universities. These pieces are constructive and heavily use the literature to make recommended suggestions.