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All Media Recognition

1. Coverage of Cell’s Juneteenth Article
a. Forbes:
b. CBS News:
c. Diversity in STEM Research:
d. Vanderbilt:
e. Vanderbilt:
f. UPenn:
2. Radio (JAZZ WSNC 90.5 FM, www. Future Focus Now: Depart to Serve: Two Rams strive to better the community.
3. Vanderbilt
j. Vestigo Pg 13 & 30:
4. NPR affiliate (WHY/Pulse):
b. to-celebrate-black-queer-scientists/?fbclid=IwAR1Dc41OQTktR5aFHjrRfFkm2VSjnAwlndI3j7ckX8XvfeMuKVvytNW69i4
5. Iowa Publications
a. Link 1: (Dec 2020):
b. Link 2: (April 2020):
c. Link 3: (April 2020):
d. Link 4: (February 2020):
e. Link 5: (April 2019) :
f. Link 6: (Sept 2019): minority- health-research-investigators-nmri/nmri-event-photos/nmri-regional-workshop-photos
g. Link 7: (August 2019):
h. Link 8: (March 2019):
i. Link 9: (April 2018):
j. Link 10: (April 2018):
k. Link 11: (May 2018): and-graduates
6. National Research Mentoring Network:
a. Link 1:
b. Link 2:
c. Link 3:
d. Link 4:
e. Link 5:
f. Link 6:
g. Link 7:
h. Link 8:
i. Link 9:
j. Link 10:
k. Link 11:
l. Link 12:
7. Cell Mentor Article: and-science
a. YouTube Day 1:
b. YouTube Day 2:
c. YouTube Day 3: YSI&list=PLHicC3LDEEHMH98HvkRJGFfrRnOVmcG3J&index=2
d. YouTube Day 4:
8. Cell Press Cell Mentor Blog Article (100 List):
a. Article was mentioned in a Forbes article: scientists-fighting-covid-19/#76291f01b671
b. UNC Chapel Hill 100-inspiring-black-scientists-in-america
c. Michigan State one-of-the-100-most-inspiring-black-scientists-in-america/
d. American Society of Cell Biology: black-scientists/
e. Brown University 100-inspiring-black-scientists
f. MSU:
g. University of Penn- inspiring-black-scientists
h. University of Missouri- psychological-sciences-recognized-in-list-of-100-most-inspiring-black-scientists-in-america
i. Duke University- scientists-america
j. Texas A& M- inspiring-black-scientists/
k. Vanderbilt: scientist/
l. MIT: america
m. John Hopkins-
n. University of Alabama Birmingham : 100-inspiring-black-scientists-in-america/ inspiring-black-scientists-in-america/ scientists-in-america/
9. Cell Press Cell Mentor Blog Article (1000 List): Publications Discussion by Schools
a. Yahoo:
b. The Grio:
c. Harvard:
d. UChicago: scientists
e. Duke: scientists-make-cell-mentors-1000-inspiring-black-scientists-list
f. OSU:
g. CSU:
h. Yale:
i. Yale:
j. Bates:
k. JHMI- 1000-inspiring-black
l. Sedalia Democrat: america,26415
m. UW- Madison: scientists
n. York College:
o. John Hopkins: named-inspiring-black-scientists/
p. NYU: america
q. Penn:
r. Univ. of Houston: listing-of-american-black-scientists/
s. Vanderbilt Univ: williams-named-among-1000-inspiring-black-scientists-in-america/
t. Penn: 2020
u. Daily Memphian: inspiring-black
v. Switzer Foundation: black-scientists
w. Columbus State: black-scientists
x. University of Michigan: inspiring-black-scientists-america
z. UAB:
aa. WUSTL:
bb. UNC:
cc. NYU:
ee. TNState:
ff. CADRE:
gg. Children’s Hospital: 1000-inspiring-black-scientists-in-america/
hh. UW:
ii. Hostos Community College‘1,000-I
jj. Univ. of Iowa: inspiring-black-scientists-america-list
kk. Duke, Black Think Tank: faculty-listed-among-1000-inspiring-black-scientists-america
ll. UCSF: black-scientists-america
mm. Uni. Of Washington:
nn. VCU
oo. Auburn University:
pp. University of Alabama Huntsville:
qq. Moravian University:
rr. Nevada:
ss. UC Davis:
tt. UT Dallas:
uu. Clark Atlanta University:
vv. University of Rochester:
ww. Prairie View A&M University
xx. University of Texas Houston:
yy. Baylor’s College of Medicine:
zz. University of Indiana Bloomington:
aaa. Switzer:
bbb. Pacific Lutheran University:
ccc. University of Arizona:
10. Other News Links Related to Hinton
a. Cell Press Cross Talk: Journey of Dr. Hinton:
b. BCM:
c. Biotechniques:
d. ASCB:
e. BWF:
f. Daily Iowan: scientists-list/
g. Scientific Spotlight:
h. OHBM:
i. Yahoo:
k. ISFS:
l. Endocrine Society Member Spotlight:
m. MythBusters Endocrine News: