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Hinton Lab DEI Publications:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Articles

  1. Murray, D.D., … Hinton, A., (2024) The Power of Junior Faculty Mentoring Committees (Journal of cellular physiology, In Press)
  2. Crabtree, A., Caudel, D., Pinette, J., Vang, C., Neikirk, K., Kabugi, K., Zaganjor, E., & Hinton, A., Jr (2024). Recruiting and retaining autistic talent in STEMM. iScience, 27(3), 109080.
  3. Benjamin, J., Wanjalla, C. N., Gaddy, J. A., Kirabo, A., Williams, E. M., & Hinton, A. (2024). Reimagining bioRxiv and preprint servers as platforms for academic learning. Journal of cellular physiology, 10.1002/jcp.31234.
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  7. Hinton, A., Jr, Shuler, H. D., Murray, S. A., Davis, J., & Damo, S. (2023). Climbing the mountain of adversity and removing barriers along the path. iScience, 27(1), 108510.
  8. Pereira, R. I., Diaz-Thomas, A., Hinton, A., Jr, & Myers, A. K. (2023). A call to action following the US Supreme Court affirmative action ruling. Lancet (London, England), S0140-6736(23)02700-9. Advance online publication.
  9. A Quick Guide to Networking for Scientists Beasley, H.K., Acktins, K.V., Marshall, A.G., Stephens, D., Vue, Z., Garza-Lopez, E., Neikirk, K., Headley, C.A., Rodriguez-Aliaga, P., Santisteban, M.M., Wanjalla, C., Scudese, E., Kirabo, A., Smith, N., Liu, K., Davis, J., Murray, S.A., Damo, S.M., Hinton Jr., A. (Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, in Press)
  10. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Laboratory: Strategies to Enhance Inclusive Laboratory Culture Marshall, A.G., Vue, Z., Beasley, H.K., Stephens, D., Wanjalla, C.N., Damo, S.M., Trejo, J., Lewis, S., Brenner, C., Rodriguez-Aliaga, P., Headley, C.A., Shuler, H., Liu, K., Smith, N., Garza-Lopez, E., Neikirk, K., Barongan, T., Scudese, E., Spencer, E.C., Heemstra, J., Diaz Vazquez, A., Murray, S.A.#, Hinton Jr., A. Molecular Cell 83, no. 21 (2023): 3766-3772
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