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Applications to Enter the Fall 2024 Cohort are due on March 22nd!

Click the slide above for more info! *Note that no late applications will be considered.*

For more information on ROCCA and our application process, click on the slide deck above. 

Also, check these relevant details about our projects and the Vanderbilt Immersion Pathway.

For those of you who apply, we expect to release the application results by email within three weeks after the deadline.

Application details for interested undergraduate students will be released here every mid-semester. Please check back often and follow us on social media (below) for updates.


Writing a Strong Application for the ROCCA Lab

Many students ask for advice about what skills they need to demonstrate in order to be strong applicants for the ROCCA Lab. Here, we offer a few suggestions about courses that students can take, as well as skills that students can demonstrate in order to be more competitive applicants.

These are not requirements to apply to the ROCCA Lab, but suggestions based upon successful applications in previous semesters.

Courses for ROCCA Lab Students

Students are encouraged to look at our course shortlist to see some of the options the ROCCA Lab highly values, but the broader list includes options in many departments across the various undergraduate schools at Vanderbilt – which may be better options for students who need to take courses within their majors.

Suggested Skills for ROCCA Lab Applicants

A broad array of demonstrated skills can lead to successful ROCCA Lab applications. This document describes some of those skills, as well as where students can gain experience with these. We suggest demonstrating a strong command of at least one or two of these skills in the ROCCA Lab application.