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Voyager STR-DE MALDI-TOF-MS (Applied Biosystems)

Instrument Features

  • Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight (MALDI-TOF) system, which is a proven technology for the MS analysis of both organic and inorganic compounds and biomolecule characterization.
  • 3-meter effective flight path, reflector mode and patented Delayed Extraction® (DE) technology
  • Voyager Version 5 with Data Explorer™ software permits flexible acquisition and data processing in both positive and negative ion modes of operation to characterize complex mixtures and determine molecular weight on sub-picomole samples.
  • Post-source decay (PSD) and collision-induced dissociation (CID) options for more structural information
  • Fully automated acquisition and processing of data for higher throughput


STR schematic



  • Sensitivity – Routine detection of 5 fmol of neurotensin with a signal to noise ratio > 80:1.
  • Mass Accuracy [Linear Mode] – better than 0.05% for angiotensin [1,296.6853] and myoglobin [16,952.5] with external calibration.
  • Mass Accuracy [Reflector Mode] – better than 0.008% for angiotensin and ACTH 18-39 with external calibration.
  • Mass Resolution [Linear Mode] – >3,500 for ACTH 18.39 [m/z 2,465.1989], >1,000 for myoglobin [m/z 16,952] and >100 for BSA [m/z 66,431].
  • Mass Resolution [Reflector Mode] – >10,000 for insulin (m/z 5,734) and >20,000 for ACTH 18-39.