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William Lowery

William spends his time leveraging spinach towards renewable energy and occasionally lending a hand to the biosensor team. By utilizing plants for solar energy harvesting, a greener approach to energy is achievable.

Through interfacing Photosystem I isolated from spinach with a variety of nanomaterials, William discovered just how rewarding bio-electrochemistry can be. His original project involved synthesizing PEDOT/PSI hybrid biophotovoltaics and led to some surprising findings (coming soon to a journal stand near you). Lately, he has shifted focus to synthesis of complex polymeric materials for furthering solid state PSI devices and modifications of biosenors. His work has led to several awards, most notably being selected as a Russell G. Hamilton scholar, three-minute thesis award winner, and Vinse fellow.

William has been involved in several outreach programs throughout his career at Vanderbilt. You will find him leading sessions involving topics such as additive manufacturing, electrochemistry, and even the science behind the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Through these programs, he enjoys meeting and interacting with a wide range of students while sharing his passions for science, engineering, and problem solving.

Outside of lab, he enjoys game nights with his friends, a peaceful hiking trip, and the occasional foodie tour across town.