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Latest Bio Publications

Afzal, Aqeela; Beavers, William N; Skaar, Eric P; Calhoun, Margaret C; Richardson, Kelly A; Landstreet, Stuart R; Cliffel, David E; Wright, David; Bastarache, Julie A; Ware, Lorraine B. Ultraviolet light oxidation of fresh hemoglobin eliminates aggregate formation seen in commercially sourced hemoglobin Blood Cells, Molecules, and Diseases, vol. 98, p. 102699, 2023.


Buckey, Grace; Owens, Olivia E; Gabriel, Ainslee W.; Downing, Claudia M.; Calhoun, Margaret C.;  and Cliffel, David E. Adsorption and Electropolymerization of p-Aminophenol Reduces Reproducibility of Electrochemical Immunoassays. Molecules 2022, Vol. 27, no. 18: 6046.


Calhoun, Margaret C; Stachurski, Christopher D; Winn, Sara L; Gizzie, Evan A; Daniel, Aaron W; Schley, Nathan D; Cliffel, David E. Trace Oxygen Affects Osmium Redox Polymer Synthesis for Wired Enzymatic Biosensors. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 2022, Vol. (169) 016506


Miller, Dusty R.; Schaffer, David K.; Neely, M. Diana; McClain, Ethan S.;  Travis, Adam R.; Block, Frank E.; McKenzie, Jennifer R.; Werner, Erik M.; Armstrong, Laura; Markov, Dmitry A.; Bowman, Aaron B.; Ess, Kevin C.; Cliffel, David E.; Wikswo, John P. A Bistable, Multiport Valve Enables Microformulators Creating Microclinical Analyzers That Reveal Aberrant Glutamate Metabolism in Astrocytes Derived from a Tuberous Sclerosis Patient. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 2021, Vol. (134) 129972.


Miller, Dusty R.; McClain, Ethan S.; Dodds, James N.; Balinski, Andrzej; May, Jody C.; McLean, John A.; Cliffel, David E. Chlorpyrifos Disrupts Acetylcholine Metabolism Across Model Blood-Brain Barrier. Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology, 2021, Vol. (9), 622175.


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McClain, Ethan S.; Miller, Dusty R.; Cliffel, David E.; Communication—Microfluidic Electrochemical Acetylcholine Detection in the Presence of Chlorpyrifos Journal of the Electrochemical Society. , 2019, Vol.166(16), p.G178-G181


McClatchey, P.M.; McClain, E.S.; Williams, I.M.; Malabanan, C.M.;  James, F.D.; Lord, P.C.; Gregory, J.M.; Cliffel, D.E.; Wasserman, D.H. Fibrotic Encapsulation Is the Dominant Source of Continuous Glucose Monitor Delays 


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Gnecco, J.S.; Anders, A.P.; Cliffel. D.; Pensabene, V.; Rogers, L.M.; Osteen, K.; Arnoff, D.M. Instrumenting a Fetal Membrane on a Chip as Emerging Technology for Preterm Birth Research Current Pharmaceutical Design 2017, 23(40), 6115-6124.


Travis, A.R.; Liau, V.A.; Agrawal, A.C.; Cliffel, D.E.Small gold nanoparticles presenting linear and looped Cilengitide analogues as radiosensitizers of cells expressing ανβ3 integrin Journal of Nanoparticle Research 2017,19, 11, 1-9.


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