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  4. Wolfe, Kody D.; Gargye, Avi; Mwambutsa, Faustin; Than, Long; Cliffel, David E.; Jennings, G. Kane. Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Photosystem I and PEDOT:PSS Biohybrid Films for Photocurrent Generation. Langmuir 2021, Vol. 37 (35), p.10481-10489
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  6. Miller, Dusty R.; McClain, Ethan S.; Dodds, James N.; Balinski, Andrzej; May, Jody C.; McLean, John A.; Cliffel, David E. Chlorpyrifos Disrupts Acetylcholine Metabolism Across Model Blood-Brain Barrier. Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology, 2021, Vol. (9), 622175.
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