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Latest PSI Publications

Wolfe, Kody D.; Gargye, Avi; Mwambutsa, Faustin; Than, Long; Cliffel, David E.; Jennings, G. Kane. Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Photosystem I and PEDOT:PSS Biohybrid Films for Photocurrent Generation. Langmuir 2021, Vol. 37 (35), p.10481-10489


Stachurski, Christopher D; Click, Sophia M; Wolfe, Kody D; Dervishogullari, Dilek; Rosenthal, Sandra J; Jennings, G Kane; Cliffel, David E; Optical and electrochemical tuning of hydrothermally synthesized nitrogen-doped carbon dots Nanoscale Advances , 2020, Vol.2(8), p.3375-3383


Wolfe, Kody D; Dervishogullari, Dilek; Stachurski, Christopher D; Passantino, Joshua M; Kane Jennings, G; Cliffel, David E; Photosystem I Multilayers within Porous Indium Tin Oxide Cathodes Enhance Mediated Electron Transfer ChemElectroChem. , 2020, Vol.7(3), p.596-603


Passantino, Joshua M; Wolfe, Kody D; Simon, Keiann T; Cliffel, David E; Jennings, G Kane; Photosystem I Enhances the Efficiency of a Natural, Gel-Based Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell ACS Applied Bio Materials , 2020, Vol.3(7), p.4465-4473


Wolfe, Kody D; Dervishogullari, Dilek; Passantino, Joshua M; Stachurski, Christopher D; Jennings, G Kane; Cliffel, David E; Improving the stability of photosystem I–based bioelectrodes for solar energy conversion Current opinion in electrochemistry. , 2020, Vol.19, p.27-34


Dervishogullari, D; Gizzie, E.A.; Jennings, G.K.; Cliffel, D.E.; Polyviologen as Electron Transport Material in Photosystem I-Based Biophotovoltaic Cells Langmuir 2018, 34, 51, 15658-15664


Robinson, M.T.; Armbruster, M.E.; Gargye, A.; Cliffel, D.E.; Jennings, G.K. Photosystem I Multilayer Films for Photovoltage Enhancement in Natural Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells ACS Applied Energy Materials 2018, 1(2), 301-305.


Robinson, M.T.; Cliffel, D.E.; Jennings, G.K. An Electrochemical Reaction-​Diffusion Model of the Photocatalytic Effect of Photosystem I Multilayer Films Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2018, 122, 1, 117-125.


Robinson, M.T.; Gizze, E.A.; Mwambutsa, F.; Cliffel, D.E.; Jennings, G.K. Mediated approaches to Photosystem I-based biophotovoltaics Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 2017, 5(1),211-217.


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Yang, S.; Robinson, M.T.; Mwambutsa, F.; Cliffel, D.E.; Jennings, G.K. Effect of Cross-linking on the Performance and Stability of Photocatalytic Photosystem I Films Electrochimica Acta 2016, 222,926-932.


Gizzie, E.A.; Niezgoda, J.S.; Robinson, M.T.; Harris, A.G.; Jennings, G.K; Rosenthal, S.J.; Cliffel, D.E. Photosystem I-polyaniline/TiO2 solid-state solar cells: simple devices for biohybrid solar energy conversion Energy & Environmental Science, 2015, 8, 3572-3576.


Beam, J.C.; LeBlanc, G.; Gizzie, E.A.; Ivanov, B.L.; Needell, D.; Shearer, M.J; Jennings, G.K.; Cliffel, D.E. Construction of a Semiconductor-Biological Interface for Solar Energy Conversion: p-doped Silicon/Photosystem I/Zinc Oxide Langmuir, 2015, 31(36), 10002-10007.


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LeBlanc, G.; Gizzie, E.; Yang, S.; Cliffel, D.E.; Jennings, G.K. Photosystem I Protein Films at Electrode Surfaces for Solar Energy Conversion Langmuir. 2014, 30(37), 10990-11001.