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Inclusion, Diversity, and Acceptance

Dignity and Disability

In this section you will find resources related to treating children with disabilities with the respect and dignity they deserve. The series provides recommendations for practitioners who work with young children with disabilities to support these children in a way that will set them up to thrive.

Introducing Dignity and Disability                                                     Expectations

Labels                                                                                                Professionalism


Disability Etiquette                                                                       Compliance Goals


Valuing  Children’s Interests                                              Disability Rights Advocates


Inclusive Conversations                                                        Identity-First Language

Being Inclusive

In this section you will find resources related to creating an inclusive environment for all children. Throughout the resources you will find suggestions for inclusive language, practices, and environments to support the development of all children.

Using Inclusive Language                                                 Representation Matters

Anti-Bias Curriculum Goals

Diving into DEC Recommended Practices


Environment E1                                                                                       Environment E2


Family F1                                                                                                Instruction INS1


Environment E6                                                                                  Interaction INT1


Family F3                                                                               Teaming and Collaboration TC1


Environment E3                                                                           Assessment A2


Instruction INS5                                                                              Family F4

Diversity and Anti-Racism

In the sections below you will find resources related to supporting children in understanding race and anti-racism and celebrating diversity. It is never too early to talk with young children about race, racism, and diversity. By having these conversations early, we can foster an anti-racist, welcoming society that celebrates all people for the unique individuals they are.

Talking with Children

Talking with Children About Race                                        How Young Children Learn Race

Actively Anti-Racist

Building an Awareness of Identity and Diversity                Be Vocal About Anti-Racism

Break it Down                                                                                      Equity vs Equality

Anti-Racism Activists                                                       Using Media to Support Conversations

“Mixed: A Colorful Story” by Arree Chung                “The Day You Begin” by Jacqueline Woodson

“Hair Love” by Matthew Cherry and Vashti Harrison        “The Colors of Us” by Karen Katz

“No! My First Book of Protest” By Julie Merberg                     White Allies in Anti-Racism

When Children Ask Hard Questions                                          Addressing Implicit Biases


Choosing Multi-Cultural Books                                   “Me Collage” for Self Identities in Children


Pasta Sorting                                                                                     Who Is In Our Class?


Reflections                                                                                          Exploring Hair


Nature Faces                                                                        Approaching Implicit Biases

Hispanic Heritage Month 2020

What is National Hispanic Heritage Month?                        People to Celebrate and Honor

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month                               The Conscious Kid-Racial Literacy

Expulsion and Suspension Policies

Racial Disparities in Discipline                                          Remediating the Disparities