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The Barton Lab emphasizes the importance of self-care. Our lab is committed to engaging in self-care because of its impact on our individual and collective well-being. We also know that self-care looks different for every individual. Your self-care needs might change depending on what else is happening in your life. We encourage you to find the ways to take care of yourself that work for you. On this page you will find a mini-series of resources to help you engage in different forms of self-care.

Please share with us the ways you engage in self-care on our social media pages or via email:!

Meditation                                                                                                     Take a Breath

Walk It Out                                                                                             Mental Health Services

Feeling Good

Thoughtful Thursdays


Confidence Shield                                                                                     Accepting Losses


Meditation                                                                                                 Technology Shortcuts

School Day Conversations

Additional Self-Care Resources

Self-Care Tips