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The Wright laboratory research focuses on early embryonic development and organogenesis. Numerous papers from the group have been published in the fields of TGF-beta/BMP-like intercellular signaling in early embryos and of pancreas formation and maintenance with particular interests in multi-potential stem cells, endocrine and exocrine cell ontogeny, and plasticity and interconversion during development and metastasis. Wright trainees have used a combination of molecular biological, genetic, biochemical, and experimental embryological techniques to explore these issues in frog, mouse, and zebrafish embryos. 

Dr. Wright has published several solicited reviews and book chapters in both fields, and he and his lab members are extremely interested in broader issues such as the evolution of Nodal signaling pathways in gastrulation and left-right asymmetry during chordate and vertebrate evolution. The lab also enjoys highly collaborative and productive relationships with several laboratories studying ascidians (e.g. Billie Swalla, Mike Levine), zebrafish (Marnie Halpern, Lila Solnica-Krezel), and other species.