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Homologs of genes expressed in Caenorhabditis elegans GABAergic neurons are also found in the developing mouse forebrain.


Hammock EAElizabeth A D , Eagleson KL Kathie L , Barlow S Susan , Earls LR Laurie R , Miller DM David M , Levitt P Pat . Neural development. 2010 ; 5(). 32



In an effort to identify genes that specify the mammalian forebrain, we used a comparative approach to identify mouse homologs of transcription factors expressed in developing Caenorhabditis elegans GABAergic neurons. A cell-specific microarray profiling study revealed a set of transcription factors that are highly expressed in embryonic C. elegans GABAergic neurons.


Bioinformatic analyses identified mouse protein homologs of these selected transcripts and their expression pattern was mapped in the mouse embryonic forebrain by in situ hybridization. A review of human homologs indicates several of these genes are potential candidates in neurodevelopmental disorders.


Our comparative approach has revealed several novel candidates that may serve as future targets for studies of mammalian forebrain development.