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Cell-specific microarray profiling experiments reveal a comprehensive picture of gene expression in the C. elegans nervous system.


Von Stetina SEStephen E , Watson JD Joseph D , Fox RM Rebecca M , Olszewski KL Kellen L , Spencer WC W Clay , Roy PJ Peter J , Miller DM David M . Genome biology. 2007 ; 8(7). R135


With its fully sequenced genome and simple, well-defined nervous system, the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans offers a unique opportunity to correlate gene expression with neuronal differentiation. The lineal origin, cellular morphology and synaptic connectivity of each of the 302 neurons are known. In many instances, specific behaviors can be attributed to particular neurons or circuits. Here we describe microarray-based methods that monitor gene expression in C. elegans neurons and, thereby, link comprehensive profiles of neuronal transcription to key developmental and functional properties of the nervous system.