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A gene expression fingerprint of C. elegans embryonic motor neurons.


Fox RMRebecca M , Von Stetina SE Stephen E , Barlow SJ Susan J , Shaffer C Christian , Olszewski KL Kellen L , Moore JH Jason H , Dupuy D Denis , Vidal M Marc , Miller DM David M . BMC genomics. 2005 ; 6(). 42


Differential gene expression specifies the highly diverse cell types that constitute the nervous system. With its sequenced genome and simple, well-defined neuroanatomy, the nematode C. elegans is a useful model system in which to correlate gene expression with neuron identity. The UNC-4 transcription factor is expressed in thirteen embryonic motor neurons where it specifies axonal morphology and synaptic function. These cells can be marked with an unc-4::GFP reporter transgene. Here we describe a powerful strategy, Micro-Array Profiling of C. elegans cells (MAPCeL), and confirm that this approach provides a comprehensive gene expression profile of unc-4::GFP motor neurons in vivo.