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Highlighted Publications


KellerMP, HawesEM, SchuelerKL, StapletonDS, MitokKA, SimonettSP, OeserJK, SampsonLL, AttieAD, MagnusonMA, O'BrienRM, An Enhancer Within Abcb11 Regulates G6pc2 in C57BL/6 Mouse Pancreatic Islets Diabetes. 2023 Aug 8
OsipovichAB, DudekKD, TrinhLT, KimLH, ShresthaS, CartaillerJP, MagnusonMA, ZFP92, a KRAB domain zinc finger protein enriched in pancreatic islets, binds to B1/Alu SINE transposable elements and regulates retroelements and genes PLoS genetics. 2023 May 8 19 (5). e1010729
AbarinovV, LevineJA, ChurchillAJ, HopwoodB, DeiterCS, GuneyMA, WellsKL, SchrunkJM, GuoY, HammelmanJ, GiffordDK, MagnusonMA, WichterleH, SusselL, Major β cell-specific functions of NKX2.2 are mediated via the NK2-specific domain Genes & development. 2023 Jun 26 37 (11-12). 490-504
TrinhLT, OsipovichAB, LiuB, ShresthaS, CartaillerJP, WrightCVE, MagnusonMA, Single-Cell RNA Sequencing of Sox17-Expressing Lineages Reveals Distinct Gene Regulatory Networks and Dynamic Developmental Trajectories Stem cells (Dayton, Ohio). 41 (6). 643-657


TrinhLT, OsipovichAB, SampsonL, WongJ, WrightCVE, MagnusonMA, Differential regulation of alternate promoter regions in during endodermal and vascular endothelial development iScience. 2022 Aug 11 25 (9). 104905


OsipovichAB, DudekKD, Greenfest-AllenE, CartaillerJP, ManduchiE, Potter CaseL, ChoiE, ChapmanAG, ClaytonHW, GuG, StoeckertCJ, MagnusonMA, A developmental lineage-based gene co-expression network for mouse pancreatic β-cells reveals a role for in pancreas development Development (Cambridge, England). 2021 Mar 21 148 (6).


OsipovichAB, StancillJS, CartaillerJP, DudekKD, MagnusonMA, Excitotoxicity and Overnutrition Additively Impair Metabolic Function and Identity of Pancreatic β-Cells Diabetes. 2020 Apr 24 69 (7). 1476-1491
IwafuchiM, CuestaI, DonahueG, TakenakaN, OsipovichAB, MagnusonMA, RoderH, SeeholzerSH, SantistebanP, ZaretKS, Gene network transitions in embryos depend upon interactions between a pioneer transcription factor and core histones Nature genetics. 2020 Mar 16 52 (4). 418-427