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The Magnuson Laboratory uses genetically-altered mice, next generation sequencing, and bioinformatics to study the regulation and function of genes that play critical roles in development and cell function. Our studies have led to novel insights into the structure, regulation and/or function of many genes, and especially for Gck, Pck1, PPARγ, Abcc8, Setd5, Rictor, Insm1, Ptf1a, Pdx1, JazF1, Zfp800, Zfp92 and Sox17.

Dr. Magnuson is the founding director of the Vanderbilt Center for Stem Cell Biology and his laboratory often works hand-in-hand with staff in the Vanderbilt Genome Editing Resource and Creative Data Solutions. By doing so, technologies and resources are developed that serve many other Vanderbilt laboratories.

Dr. Magnuson is committed to undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education and is a mentor in several different training programs. To promote the professional development of his trainees, attendance at conferences, workshops, and courses is encouraged. To promote diversity, equity and inclusion, he is supportive of activities that are organized by the basic science departments at Vanderbilt. Dr. Magnuson supports the use of research compacts that clearly define mentor and mentee responsibilities. He also encourages effective communication and fosters independence by encouraging professionalism, avoiding micromanagement, and by encouraging collaboration with others.