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Lab Life

Congrats to Frank Zhou for winning the Runner-Up Award for Basic and Natural Sciences at the 2023 Fall Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Fair (VURF).


Going away lunch for Linh – May, 2023


Lab luncheon – May, 2022


Karrie, Anna and Linh – 2021


Karrie Dudek and Jennifer Stancill

Mark’s Birthday Celebration

Giovannis, 2022


Giovanni’s, 2022

Linh’s Thesis Defense Celebration

Linh’s graduation – 2022


Mark Magnuson, Linh Trinh and Chris Wright


Cutting the gallbladder


Linh’s grad party


Friends celebrating


Congratulations to the graduate!

Celebrating Karrie’s thesis defense

Celebrating Karrie


Karrie Dudek and Chris Wright


Luncheon celebrating Karrie’s completion of thesis defense

Courses and Conferences

Hannah, Karrie and Jennifer at Denver airport


Linh at Janelia Farms


Linh presenting her poster at Janelia Farms


Mark and Karrie at TRex in Chicago