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We are interested in recruiting cellular and molecular biologists interested in neurobiology, particularly synaptic biology. We are particularly keen to recruit experienced molecular biologists and geneticists with experience in Drosophila or other model genetic organisms (yeast, C. elegans, zebrafish). We are also looking for cell biologists including electrophysiologists (patch-clamp and TEVC) and people with optical imaging experience (live imaging, confocal and EM)

We use genetic approaches to study the nervous system, particularly the development, function and plasticity of neuronal synapses. We also model several human diseases which involve synaptic dysfunction, including Fragile X Disease and Parkinson’s Disease. We use a multidisciplinary approach involving genetics, molecular techniques and a full range of functional and opticalassays.

If you have an interest, please contact me directly. All inquiries should be accompanied by a statement of specific interests and an attached CV.