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Lab news:

  • Jessica Handwerker presented her summer research at the poster presentation event for the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURGE) program through Vanderbilt University Science and Engineering (VUSE).

Jessica with her poster board presentation, Sep 2021

  • New publication (pending publication): Emily Knight and Iftak Hussain Kight, E., Hussain, I., Bowden, A. K. Low-Cost, Volume-Controlled Dipstick Urinalysis for Home-Testing. J. Vis. Exp. (Pending Publication), e61406, In-press (2021)

Iftak and Emily with their customizable device, Jan 2021

Dipstick urinalysis provides quick and affordable estimations of multiple physiological conditions but requires good technique and training to use accurately. By automating the key steps in the dipstick urinalysis test, potential sources of error can be eliminated, allowing self-testing at home. We describe the steps necessary to create a customizable device to perform automated urinalysis testing in any environment. The device is cheap to manufacture and simple to assemble. We describe the key steps involved in customizing it for the dipstick of choice and for customizing a mobile phone app to analyze the results. We demonstrate its use to perform urinalysis and discuss the critical measurements and fabrication steps necessary to ensure robust operation. We then compare the proposed method to the dip-and-wipe method, the gold standard technique for dipstick urinalysis.

  • Anupam Kumar and Grace Chang presented on their research: “A lightweight, portable, and low-cost near infrared spectroscopy headband for in-field neuro-monitoring” and “Estimation of spectroscopic attenuation coefficient in retinal nerve fiber layer for detection of glaucoma” at 2020 SPIE Photonics West!                                      Grace and Anupam at Photonics West, Feb 2020
  • Dr. Bowden gave a talk at Neurotechnologies Plenary Session at 2020 SPIE Photonics West! She was featured in SPIE News on Feb 03, 2020.                                              Dr. Bowden at Photonics West, Feb 2020
  • Our summer student, Anisha Oommen, presented her work at the BMES conference. Her poster is titled “Evaluating Sparsifying Operators in Compressive Sensing with Optical Coherence Tomography”. Congratulations Anisha!

Anisha Oommen (left) at BMES, Oct 2019