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Principal Investigator

Dr. Audrey Bowden, Principal InvestigatorAudrey K (Ellerbee) Bowden

Office: 316 Keck FEL Building
Phone: 615-343-4339
Email: a.bowden[at]

Dr. Bowden is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering (BME), Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Affiliate Faculty at Vanderbilt Institute of Global Health and Dorothy J. Wingfield Phillips Chancellor Faculty Fellow at Vanderbilt University. She received her BSE in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University, her PhD in BME from Duke University and completed her postdoctoral training in Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University. During her career, Dr. Bowden served as an International Fellow at Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore and as a Legislative Assistant in the United States Senate through the AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellows Program sponsored by the OSA and SPIE. She is a member of the OSA, a Senior Member of SPIE and is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Air Force Young Investigator Award, the NSF Career Award, the Hellman Faculty Scholars Award, and the Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Award. She is a former Associate Editor of IEEE Photonics Journal and a member of numerous professional committees. Her research interests include biomedical optics, microfluidics, and point of care diagnostics.

Current Lab Members

Halina Krzyzanowska
Research Assistant Professor
Research: Optical Coherence Tomography for early-stage cancer detection, biomedical optics, silicon integrated photonics, erbium doped/rare earth materials, color centers in wide-band gap materials for quantum applications, and ultrafast linear and nonlinear electron and phonon relaxation dynamics
Keywords: OCT, early detection of cancer, light-matter processes studied via ultrafast linear and non-linear interactions with nanoscale materials, Er doped silicon-based nanostructures, NV-centers in diamond, ultrafast laser-assisted diamond growth, semiconductor nanocrystals fabricated by ion implantation

Shuang (Grace) Chang
Graduate student
Research: OCT image analysis for early detection of glaucoma. OCT cystoscopy system for bladder cancer detection.
Keywords: OCT, Attenuation Coefficient, Light-Tissue Interaction, Disease Detection.

Anupam Kumar
Graduate student
Research: Developing low-cost portable fNIR system.
Keywords: fNIR, cognitive monitoring, intraoperative detection

Yunqin Zhao
Graduate student
Keywords: OCT, embryology

Rachel Eimen
Graduate student
Research: 3D bladder and hollow organ reconstruction from flexible endoscopic data
Keywords: 3D reconstruction, endoscopy, optical coherence tomography, white light microscopy

Seth Crawford
Graduate student
Research: Development of fNIRS headband system
Keywords: fNIRS, headband, 3D printing

Xiao Tang
Graduate student
Research: Development of a low-cost and low-resource OCT system
Keywords: OCT, ophthalmology, 3D imaging

Camella Carlson
MSTP (MD/PhD student)
Research: OCT cystoscopy system and digital staining of cystoscopy videos for bladder cancer detection
Keywords: OCT, intraoperative guidance tools, disease detection

Tiffany Le
Undergraduate student
Research: Low-cost fNIRS enclosure development for naturalistic conditions
Keywords: fNIRS, 3D CAD, simulation, 3D printing, injection molding

Mayaank Pillai
Undergraduate student
Research: Automated virtual 3D bladder reconstruction for post-cystoscopy analysis
Keywords: Endoscopy, cystoscopy, 3D reconstruction, computer vision

Haoli Yin
Undergraduate student
Research: Developing an automated specular reflection restoration technique to improve virtual 3D models created from endoscopy videos
Keywords: Endoscopy, computer vision, specular reflection removal

Greyson Wintergerst
Undergraduate student
Research: Development of a robust dipstick urinalysis system with integrated dipstick evaluation and microscopic analysis
Keywords: Urinalysis, low-resource setting

Daniel Liu
Undergraduate student
Research: Low-cost fNIRS development for intraoperative cardiac surgery POD monitoring
Keywords: App development, prototype scaling, cognitive monitoring

Jacob Stoebner
Undergraduate student
Research: Development of low-cost digital refocusing microscope
Keywords: 3D printing, embryology

Former Lab Members

Prasobh Padmanabhan

Postdoctoral scholar

Current position:


Joseph Malone

Graduate student

Current position:


Micha Emmanual Faciolan Bermoy

Undergraduate student

Current position:


Allison (Ally) Schwarz

Undergraduate student

Current position:


Natalie Thomas

Undergraduate student

Current position:


Hongkai Jiang

Undergraduate student

Current position: Epic Systems


Phillip Yoon

Undergraduate student

Current position:


Iftak Hussain

Postdoctoral scholar

Current position:


Kara Semmen

Undergraduate student

Current position: University of Central Florida


Jose Gonzales Ramirez

Undergraduate student

Current position: St. Olaf College


Danielle Liu

MSTP (MD/PhD) student

Current position: Vanderbilt University


Harmony Bickerton

Undergraduate student

Current position: Vanderbilt University


Kevin Ifiora

Undergraduate student

Current position: Boston Consulting Group


Francis Tsow

Research professor

Current position: University of South Florida


Emily Kight

Graduate student

Current position: Nou Systems, Inc.


Behnam Tayebi


Current position: New York University


Zhu Yue


Current position: Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Morteza Khaleghi


Current position: facebook


Noé Ortega-Quijano


Current position: Deneb Medical, S.L., Spain


Lian Duan


Current position: Optical Engineer at DigiLens Inc.


Abhijit Gudjarpadhye


Current position:

Tobias Moritz


Current position: Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research


Saara Khan


Current position: Hardware at Facebook


Kristen Lurie


Current position: Software Engineer at Google



Hee Yoon Lee


Current position: Research Scientist at Facebook Reality Lab


Tahereh Marvdashti


Current position: Data Scientist at Wolters Kluwer Health


Michael Leung


Current position


Gennifer Smith


Current position:


Supervised Students (Research Experiences)

* Names denoted with an asterisk are non-Stanford students


Christopher Copeland

Gary C.F. Lee

Matthew Millett

Kiran Magar

Monica Agrawal

*Meagan Pipes

*Robin Guay-Lord

Monica Bendernagel

Nicholas Hewitt

Alexander Kucy

Matthew Kahane


Timnit Gebru

Ruo Gu

Jenny Knall

Linkai Li

Cezanne Comacho

Sebastian Echegaray

David Freese

William Ling

Jessica Maxey

Yue Zhang

Noy Cohen


Supervised PhD Thesis / Exam Committees

Sandra Kjono

Orly Liba

Nathan Loewke

Christine Cordaino

Kassahun Betre

Irena Fischer-Hwang

Gabriel Sanchez

Livia Zarnescu

Eileen Mazzochette

Henrique daCosta

Jonas Ogien

Lana Lau

Laura Huntley

Steven Hong

Emel Tasyurek

Reeve Ingle


Supervised PhD Students (non-Stanford visiting students)

Antoine Federici

Mahta Mousavi gra

Henrique S. Gutierrez da Costa

Helge Sudkamp

Yue Zhu

Iris Ellerkamp