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Understanding Behavior

Below you will find resources to help you understand the function of challenging behavior, or what the child is trying to communicate using challenging behavior, using the ABCs of Behavior. These ABCs can be applied to choose strategies to reduce challenging behavior and increase use of a more useful form of communication. Start with understanding the ABCs of behavior, learn how these can be applied to Prevent, Teach, and New Response strategies, then choose strategies that match the function of the challenging behavior.


ABCs of Behavior                                                                                Applying the ABCs


Choosing Strategies                                                        Teaching Replacement Skills (Video Guide)


Visit the other sections on the right for more information on specific Prevent, Teach, and New Response strategies to support children with challenging behavior. See the Visual Schedules section for visual resources to support your child across the day and during difficult routines. See Additional Resources for information on distance learning, developing relationships, and taking care of yourself.