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LJZlab Videos

Over the years the Zwiebel Lab has been featured in a number of video-based stories highlighting our work. Here are a few of these efforts!

From the Gates Foundation (GatesNotes)

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launched Grand Challenges in Global Health ten years ago with the goal of identifying the biggest problems in health and giving grants to researchers who might solve them. Dr. Laurence Zwiebel from Vanderbilt University had a dream to eradicate malaria and designed a new approach to make the mosquito not want to bite humans.

Some general videos on VUAA-based ExcitoRepellents

VINK: a video project by a wonderful group of design students at University of Bogata, Columbia

VU News: Insect Odorant Receptors on Sperm

This unexpected discovery is reported in an article published in the online Early Edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences for the week of Feb. 3 by a team of Vanderbilt University biologists. The scientists report that they have detected a suite of specialized chemical sensors called odorant receptors (ORs) in mosquito sperm. These are the same as the sensors that play a central role in the mosquito’s olfactory system, which is found on the insect’s antennae.The researchers found that the odorant receptors in the sperm are expressed along their tails where they drive the rapid increase in the movement (beating) of the sperm tails.