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Our study on the Ionotropic Co-receptor Ir76b in Anopheles coluzzii just out in PNAS! Preprint available online at bioRxiv

Apr. 20, 2022—Anopheline mosquitoes rely on their highly sensitive chemosensory apparatus to detect diverse chemical stimuli that drive the host-seeking and blood-feeding behaviors required to vector pathogens for malaria and other diseases. This process incorporates a variety of chemosensory receptors and transduction pathways. We have used advanced in vivo gene-editing and -labelling approaches to localize and functionally...

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Our study on Larval Olfaction in Anopheles published in Cell Reports

Aug. 17, 2021—We are pleased and proud that our behavioral and electrophysiological examination of larval olfaction has just been published in Cell Reports! This is a comprehensive and rigorous study that reveals Anopheline larvae have complex olfactory responses that integrate sensory inputs across multiple receptor neurons to drive highly selective and sensitive behavioral responses in this “immature”...

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2 New VUAA US Patents issued

Apr. 21, 2021—We are pleased to note that 2 new US Patents have recently been issued for our VUAA work!” U. S. Patent 10,791,739 (issued October 6, 2020) U.S. Patent 10,813,355 (issued October 27, 2020)

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