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POLARstar Omega Platereader BMG Labtech

Location: 7147 MRB3

This is a multimode platereader for absorbance, luminescence and fluorescence. The software which controls the instrument is OMEGA (version 5.10 R2) and the data analysis software is MARS (version 3.02 R2).


The instrument is sometimes heavily used for absorbance and luminescence and an optic cable which is specifically designed for abs. and lum. could be installed. To use fluorescence, there is a fluorescent optic cable which must be installed. This is not difficult to switch out if required.


The available fluorescent filter combinations are listed below.

  • 355 Ex / 460 Em
  • 485 Ex / 520 Em
  • 544 Ex / 590 Em
  • 584 Ex / 620 Em


There is one other platereader in MRB3 which is available for use. Bio-Tek Synergy in the CDB Equipment Core.