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New Brunswick Classis C25 Shaking Incubators

Location: 8143 MRB3

There is no charge to use these devices. However, please help me keep accurate usage records and log each time you use these devices.

This set of incubators can be used for warm incubations.
The left incubator is maintained at 37 degrees
The right incubator is maintained at 30 degrees (~ 7 degrees over ambient).

Please do not alter the temperature in these without putting a big note on the lid warning everyone of this.


  • Horizontal rotary motion in a 1″ circular orbit
  • Proportional/Integral Microprocessor controller instantly controls speed from 50 – 400 rpm
  • Programmable timer can be used for shaking periods of 0.1 hr to 99.9 hrs.
  • Audible alarms notify of the following: end of a timed run, deviations in shaking speed, deviations in temperature setpoints, power failure, or lid open.


New Bruns C25 Shaking Incubator Manual.pdf