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‘Lab News’

Farewell lunch for Austin!

Jan. 17, 2020—Farewell lunch for Austin. We wish him all the best!

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Our NIH MIRA grant is funded!

Aug. 16, 2019—Our MIRA grant entitled “Mechanisms and Regulation of Nuclear mRNA Export” is officially funded!

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Our work features on VBS discoveries

Jul. 15, 2019—This is why we can’t have nice things: How influenza impairs the host defense

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Ren lab’s first paper online in Nature Microbiology

Jul. 1, 2019—Our first research paper “Structural basis for influenza virus NS1 protein block of mRNA nuclear export” has just been published online in Nature Microbiology.

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Spring lab lunch

Apr. 5, 2019—

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Andrew Morris joins the lab

Apr. 2, 2018—We welcome our first graduate student Andrew!

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