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Yi Ren, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry
Member, Center for Structural Biology
Member, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

Yi received her Ph.D. in chemistry from Princeton University under the guidance of Dr. Frederick Hughson. In 2009, Yi started her postdoctoral training with Nobel laureate Dr. Günter Blobel at the Rockfeller University. Yi joined the faculty of the Department of Biochemistry as an Assistant Professor in December 2016.


Yihu Xie, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry

Yihu obtained his Ph.D. from Weill Cornell Medical School working with Dr. Nikola Pavletich.

    Current Member


    Bradley Clarke, Ph.D.

    Postdoc, Department of Biochemistry

    Bradley obtained his Ph.D. working with Dr. John York at Vanderbilt University.


      Pate Hill

      Research Assistant, Department of Biochemistry

      Pate received his bachelor’s degree in biology from Tennessee Technological University, where he also sang baritone in the school’s Chorale Ensemble and male a cappella group Mentonation. He began working in the Ren laboratory in the fall of 2018.


        Menghan Mei

        Graduate Student, Biochemistry Graduate Program


          Natalie Wilson

          Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy student



            Austin Ivey

            Research Assistant, Department of Biochemistry

            Austin received a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and a bachelor’s degree in Cellular & Molecular Biology from Tennessee Technological University. In 2017 he began working as a Research Assistant in the Ren laboratory. He also has a strong passion for music and has been playing the saxophone for more than a decade.


              Andrew Morris

              Graduate Student, Chemical and Physical Biology Program


                Philip Schmiege

                Honorary Member

                Phil received his bachelor’s degree from Boston University. In 2015, Phil started to work with Yi as a Research Assistant in Dr. Günter Blobel’s laboratory. Aside from the exciting science, Phil also brews fantastic beers.