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Congratulations Vanderbilt University RASR Lab Class of 2022 Graduates!

Posted by on Saturday, May 14, 2022 in archives.

Claramence Dokyi received her B.A. degree in Medicine, Health, and Society with minors in Business and Psychology. Clara will be applying to medical school where she will pursue a career in emergency medicine and trauma surgery.

Andrew Pumford received his B.A. degree in Physics and Chemistry and will be attending medical school at the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota! He joined the RASR Lab team in spring 2019 as an Undergraduate Researcher researching Optimization and Automation Techniques to Enhance Oxidized Cysteine-Selective cPILOT for S-Nitrosylated Proteins.

Raven Powell is a Vanderbilt 2022 graduate where she received her MPP in Education Policy.

She joined RASR Lab as a second-year graduate student majoring in Education Policy at Peabody College | Vanderbilt University. Raven worked in outreach, recruitment, and engagement, and with STEM outreach projects at RASR Lab and the Vanderbilt Memory and Alzheimer’s Center.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Raven attended the University of Georgia and received a B.S. degree in Human Development and Family Science. After leaving the University of Georgia, she was a College and Career Adviser with the College Advising Corps at Georgia State University. Raven’s passion for creating equity within education for students of color led her to continuing her studies in Education Policy at Vanderbilt University.

Upon graduation Raven joined the Tennessee Education Research Alliance (TERA) as a Research and Operations Manager.

Calla Reed received a B.A. degree in Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology (EEOB) and a MHS (Global Health) with a minor in African American and Diaspora Studies (AADS). During her time at RASR Lab, she gained laboratory skills and a passion for racial and ethnic disparities. Post-graduation, Calla was awarded a fellow position in the 2-year APHL-CDC Environmental Health Laboratory Fellowship Program.

Bethanie Stauffer received a B.A in Chemistry with a minor in German.