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About 1,000 Mercy Iowa City workers become University of Iowa Health Care employees under ownership transition this week

Jan. 31, 2024—Community member and RASR Lab Project Manager Jennifer Montgomery becomes emotional Wednesday as she talks with one of the Sisters of Mercy about what Mercy Hospital has meant to her. A ceremony at Zion Lutheran Church in Iowa City honored the legacy of Mercy Hospital, which operated for 150 years and will now transition to...

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Dr. Robinson is Distinguished Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry at NCSU

Jan. 17, 2024—NCSU hosts the endowed lectureship named after former student, colleague and friend, Michael S. Bereman, who passed from ALS. Dr. Robinson gives the Analytical Chemistry lecture.

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17th Annual Vanderbilt Postdoc Symposium

Nov. 22, 2023—Dr. Khiry Patterson presented a poster titled Intralaboratory Evaluation of a Quality Control Workflow across Identical LCMS/MS Systems at the 17th Annual Vanderbilt Postdoc Symposium on November 17th.

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