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Our Track Record

Pumford A*, Arul A, Ford K, Robinson RAS. Automation of On-Resin Enrichment of S-Nitrosylated Proteins for Oxidized Cysteine-Selective cPILOT. Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal. 2021

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Mostafa J. Khan, Simona G. Codreanu, Sandeep Goyal, Phillip A. Wages, Santosh K. K. Gorti, Mackenzie J. Pearson, Isabel Uribe, Stacy D. Sherrod , John A. McLean, Ned A. Porter, Renã A. S. Robinson. "Evaluating a targeted multiple reaction monitoring approach to global untargeted lipidomic analyses of human plasma" Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry. 2020.  



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