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RASR Lab Team Members Attend US HUPO 2022

Posted by on Thursday, March 10, 2022 in archives.

RASR Laboratory team members attended the US HUPO 2022 conference held February 26 through March 2 in Charleston, SC.

Dr. Renã Robinson served as one of four US HUPO 2022 Conference Chairs.

Dr Albert Arul served as a session Co-Chair for “Automation and Large-Scale Proteomics”

RASR Lab conference poster presenters included:

1.“Establishing Quality Control Procedures for Sample Preparation of High-Throughput Plasma ProteomicsNekesa Oliver et al.

2.“Establishing Quality Control Procedures for Large-Scale Discovery Based Proteomics Analysis of Human PlasmaKhiry Patterson et al.

3.“Optimization of an Automated 96-well Plate Protein Depletion for Plasma ProteomicsMin Ji Choi et al.

4.“Investigating Racial Disparities in Alzheimer’s Disease using Quantitative Brain ProteomicsJasmin Tindal et al.

Katie Kapp presented a talk titled “Proteomic Changes Associated with Survival Outcomes of Sepsis Patients with Primary Intra-Abdominal Infection”