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RASR Group Has Grown!

Posted by on Thursday, February 21, 2019 in archives.

The RASR team is happy to announce that we’ve welcomed several new group members since last summer! First, Drs. Albert Arul and Sandeep Goyal joined us last summer as research assistant professors. In the fall, we gained a new postdoc, Dr. Katarena Ford, from Auburn University and Tyra Avery, a postbac intern who did her undergrad at Belmont University here in Nashville. Christina completed her Ph.D. and officially joined the lab as a postdoc starting in January. We also gained two new first-year graduate students in the Chemistry Ph.D. program, Katie Kapp and Bailey Bowser, as well as three undergrads: Andrew Pumford, Wenjing Chen, and Sobana Balasubramanian. We are so happy to have you all with us and look forward to the exciting things you’ll do!!