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Group Spring 2018

Macdonald Group 2018

L to R: John Cliburn, Evan Robinson, Emil Hernendez, Jordan Rhodes, Janet Macdonald, Chris Sharp, Cpt. Andrew La Croix, Nathan Spear, Yilun Zhao

Aww, Shucks! 2017

Escape Game 2016

Escape! 2016

Escape Game 2016

Autumn 2015

Group Photo 2015

L to R: Creepy Banana, Shane Finn, Suresh Sarkar, Jordan Rhodes, Evan Robinson, Mike Turo, Alyce the Monkey, Alice Leach, Andrew LaCroix, Summer Arrowood, Nicole Jenkinson, Janet Macdonald

Summer 2014


Back: Stephanie Castillo, Nazharie Brandon, Laura Mast, Alice Leach, Shane Finn, Front: Suresh Sarkar, Mike Turo, Andrew LaCroix, Summer Arrowood, Amadou Fall, Janet Macdonald

Summer 2013: Canoe down the Duck River

Canoe Trip 2013

Shane Finn, Janet Macdonald, Andrew LaCroix, Mike Turo, Summer Arrowood, Bryson, Laura Mast

Spring 2013: Chem 304: The Chemistry of Nanoparticles

Nano Course 2013

Kevin Winter(Cliffel Group), Maria Sarmiento (Graduated, BSc), Ryan WIllson (Stone Group), Wes Bauer(Wright Group), Bryson Howard (Macdonald Group), Aaron Danlel (Cliffel Group), Amy Poynter (Pintaro Group), Andrew LaCroix (Macdonald Group), Janet Macdonald, Nicholas Wright (Wright Group), Summer Arrowood (Macdonald Group) and Nicholas Boyde (Hanusa Group).

Summer 2012

Group photo 2012

Back: Erik Jewell, Shane Finn, Bryson Howard, Janet Macdonald, Samantha Monk; Front: Mike Turo, Emil Hernandez, Aaron Daniel

Group Photo Jumping with Vanderbilt

Hamming it up with Mr. Vanderbilt

Fall 2011: Early Days in the Macdonald Lab

instrument lab

The Instrument Lab (yet to be filled)


The labs have fumehoods galore! 8 of them!


JASCO FP-8300 Fluorimeter


The lab’s inaugural reaction with Mike and Shane, fall rotation students. Oct 4, 2011. Break out the champagne!

Synthesis Lab

The Synthesis Lab getting set up


The new glove box on arrival day, Oct 13, 2011.




The view from the 9th floor of Stevenson Center.