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Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic studies of Gi alpha 1 and mutants of Gi alpha 1 in the GTP and GDP-bound states.


Coleman DED E , Lee E E , Mixon MB M B , Linder ME M E , Berghuis AM A M , Gilman AG A G , Sprang SR S R . Journal of Molecular Biology. 1994 5 13; 238(4). 630-4


Several different crystal forms of Gi alpha 1 have been grown and analyzed. Crystals of native protein containing bound GTP gamma S belong to space group P3(1)2(1) or P3(2)2(1) with cell dimensions a,b = 80.6 A and c = 106.3 A and diffract to a resolution of 1.9 A using synchrotron radiation. Crystals of native protein containing bound GDP belong to space group I4 with cell dimensions a,b = 121.3 A, and c = 67.7 A and diffract to 3.0 A. Data sets from crystals grown using mutant proteins have also been obtained and characterized.