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Lab Fun


December 15, 2023, Annual Lee Lab Holiday lunch at PF Chang’s. Where’s Heather?



November 3, 2023- Happy Birthday Sara!



July 30 – August 7, 2023- Lee lab in Barcelona at the Wnt Gordon Conference




July 21, 2023. Top Golf with the Weiss lab


April 28, 2023. Lab lunch at PF Chang’s

April 28, 2023. Wishing Amanda best wishes on her medical school journal and welcoming Allison to the lab!


November 19, 2022.  Duckpin Bowling night!



October 4, 2022. Happy hour going strong!  Happy birthday Sara (*)!


June 22, 2022. Nashville Sounds baseball! Cheer up Alex (far left, back row). We didn’t lose that badly!


Retreat post-covid lockdown- 2021 (L->R) Leah, Jamal, Christin, Ethan, Sara, Lily, and Amanda


March 12, 2021 Congrats to Victoria (bottom left) on her Ph.D.!


2019 CDB Retreat (L-R) Jamal, Leah, Ethan, Sara, Victoria, and Christin


2019 Wnt Gordon Conference (L->R) Sara, Ethan, Christin, and Jamal.
(West Dover VT)

Lee lab 2 1/2 min IGP movie 2020


Goodbye Dr. Baskir! (L->R) Brian, Kenyi, Rubin, and Victoria.
Lee Lab 2014 (L->R) Back-Kenyi, Eddie, Ethan, Emily, Leah, and Tony. Front-Leif, Brian, and Aja.
Happy hour! (L->R) Leif, Brian, Leah, Eddie, Aja, Tony, and Kenyi.
Getting ready for the zip line at the CDB retreat 2015. Leah and Amanda.
Lee lab members bouncing at the 2015 CDB retreat. Leif and Aja.