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Lab Fun


November 19, 2022.  Duckpin Bowling night!



October 4, 2022. Happy hour going strong!  Happy birthday Sara (*)!


June 22, 2022. Nashville Sounds baseball! Cheer up Alex (far left, back row). We didn’t lose that badly!


Retreat post-covid lockdown- 2021 (L->R) Leah, Jamal, Christin, Ethan, Sara, Lily, and Amanda


March 12, 2021 Congrats to Victoria (bottom left) on her Ph.D.!


2019 CDB Retreat (L-R) Jamal, Leah, Ethan, Sara, Victoria, and Christin


2019 Wnt Gordon Conference (L->R) Sara, Ethan, Christin, and Jamal.
(West Dover VT)

Lee lab 2 1/2 min IGP movie 2020


Goodbye Dr. Baskir! (L->R) Brian, Kenyi, Rubin, and Victoria.
Lee Lab 2014 (L->R) Back-Kenyi, Eddie, Ethan, Emily, Leah, and Tony. Front-Leif, Brian, and Aja.
Happy hour! (L->R) Leif, Brian, Leah, Eddie, Aja, Tony, and Kenyi.
Getting ready for the zip line at the CDB retreat 2015. Leah and Amanda.
Lee lab members bouncing at the 2015 CDB retreat. Leif and Aja.