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Pac-Van Facilities

Mosquito LCP Robot

Crystallization trial experiments can be performed quickly and efficiently in 96 well plates, using the Mosquito, a nanoliter dispensing high-throughput robot.

  1. Uses disposable tips on a reel to dispense the sample from an 8-slot strip and a 96-well tray to a single drop in a sitting or hanging drop setup.
  2. Offers the ability to use a small amount of protein/DNA in high-throughput broad crystallization screening with no cross-contamination.
  3. Ratio of sample: solution, drop size, and number of samples per tray can be altered for each screen.
  4. Efficient setup time:  2 min per 96-well plate
  5. Minimal sample consumption:  10-50 µL of protein sample per 96-well plate

Videos:  Overview and How The Mosquito Works.


Rock Imager

This is a robust, easy-to-use, automated imaging system for protein crystallization.

  1. Incubates and captures superior quality images of up to 1000 micro-titer plates on a user-defined schedule.
  2. Supports 500 LCP plates in addition to the above mentioned 1000 micro-titer plates.
  3. Collected images can be viewed remotely from any computer with a web browser.
  4. UV imaging uses the fluorescence of tryptophan under ultraviolet light to help determine if a particular crystal is protein, and aids in finding hidden crystals not visible with bright-field imaging.